25 February 2010

This and that and the other

After all my complaining regarding stippling Caroline's Objects and receiving a very good tip (thanks, Shevvy!), I was ready to send the needle flying across this quilt and finally get it done. Instead I'm stuck on the sofa with a tummy bug and too weak (boo hoo) to sew. To keep me busy, I've picked up yet another project: a Granny Squary blanket to make a dent into all that yarn I purchased over the years:

The white was purchased when I was first pregnant eight years ago (eight? Oh my God!), I think I saw the multicoloured at a craft shop maybe 18 months ago and the source of the purple one remains unclear. I've noew used up almost half the multicoloured yarn, a sixth of the purple and about an eighth of the white. ... Should be interesting ...

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