20 May 2006

We're interrupting this project ...

for an urgent present. It's Carola's birthday is a few weeks' time and she has been campaigning - quite vigorously, I might add - for a bunk bed of sorts. It's actually a raised bed she's after with crawl space underneath. Since her toddler bed is lovely - and was quite pricey - we've vetoed this idea. So now the toddler bed wants "dressing up"!

I've bought a mosquito net at IKEA - handy because in the summer she gets stung on occasion - and will decorate it in a "princess-ly" way. There have also been requests of stars and such things so I need to figure out how to fashion stars to be dangling from the net - matching, no less, the rather pink theme revolving around the bed. Anyone heard of pink stars?

Anyway, since the Princess is out shopping with her dad, I thought I'd get a head start ... Will post fotos as soon as I get motivated enough to drag out the camera.

16 May 2006

To wash or not to wash

... that is the question! The more comments I receive - thank you by the way! - the more I wonder: I always believed in pre-washing because of colour running and shrinkage. Aren't you afraid of those two ghastly quilting ghosts?

And really, the worst was untangling the squares, they ironed quickly and I'm pleased with the result. Now I need to find time to assemble!

11 May 2006

All in a day's work!

I have been very busy today and you will get to see how:

Maybe washing strips and squares wasn't such a brilliant idea ... oh well!

There's always ironing! Or is that irony?

Ok, all pressed and sorted. Hm, either very strong contrasts or very little. This may be a challenge ...

No matter from which angle you look at it!

Anyway, moving right along ... after devising complicated numerical schemes of how to match the swatches without ending up with duplicate blocks, I decided to go for the easy approach of just laying it out:

Load 2 ...

These are 35 block grouped but yet to be assembled.

Somehow looks like quite a small lot. I wonder what size it will be ... 5 by 7 blocks? Or shall I go for 4 by 9? Because I have "back-up" ... since holding a master's degree in business administration doesn't necessarily mean one can calculate with two-digit figures (I mean, come on, I only got ten digits meself so really this is pushing it!)

Otherwise these will be the edges, the finishing touch. Ahem!

10 May 2006

Back onto the horse!

I'm still struggling to get myself out of my slump. And I've even been debating stopping quilting altogether, but I don't think that that's really an option if I want to maintain any type of sanity.

So, I've made up my mind to not cancel a quilting meeting that I originally planned to host and then considered cancelling for lack of drive and energy. There will only be one person and she's never quilted before but I figure that's just as well because we can potter around together and get me started on a new project. Which takes me to the informational core of this post: one of my new projects:

Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs (Photo taken from the Fatquartershop.com)

I'm not going to stick to the pattern precisely, partially because I don't have anything other than an A4 print out of the cover photo), partially because I'm not all that good at following rules and instructions.

So I will whip out my rose patterned fabric and get to work on this (maybe I should wash it first, yikes!).