20 February 2012

Helena the Great, part 1

Laying out the squares 1 Laying out the squares 2 Laying out the squares 3

This quilt is for my older daughter's bestest friend in the whole wide world, Helena. About 2 years ago, I made an Emergency Quilt for her little sister and it only seemed right that Helena should have one too. Her favourite colour is purple, the colour of kings and queens.

I spent two evenings watching telly and breaking in my Accuquilt GO! Baby to cut 180 squares measuring 4,25 inches. Tonight was spent on all fours trying to arrange them in a "meaningful way" ... Initially, I had planned on 10 by 18 squares. But something didn't go according to plan and I ended up with 10 by 16. Which doesn't look as long and narrow as 10 by 18 might have. And the arrangement was relatively pleasing. So here we are. With 160 squares laid out on wadding. I will have to pin them in place. And then I will have to attach them to each other ...

Deadline is 10 April 2012. Rock on ...

6 February 2012

3 February 2012

Back to Square 1

Back to Square 1

While I loved the feel of my cowl, it was waaaaay too long to actually wear so I frogged it all - took me two sittings because of how well I had woven in the loose strands - in order to do it all again!

Only issue currently: can't find my circular knitting needles!