28 July 2009

Kristin says that canvas is fabric too

Read her very inspirational post here: http://kristinlaflamme.com/musings/?p=1081&cpage=1#comment-23227

24 July 2009

Getting worse before it gets better ....

So what do I do in all that spare time now that I have one less "kid" to care for? I drag my stuff from the basement up two flights into my craft room ... which consequently looks like it's been hit by a tornado. Next weekend I will busy myself with shelving and such things. And then it should finally get better after it now got a LOT worse.

And I need to replace that lamp that I ran into countless times these past two weeks!

20 July 2009

Long time in the making!

Admittedly, this is not the very best photo of my girls ... they are a hell of a lot cuter in real life but that's not the reason for this post.

With our aupair gone (home), I have laid claim to the third bedroom on the first floor. For years I have wanted a space for all my crafting, preferrably one with daylight and a door to close on it. And finally, I have succeeded. In previous aupair-less times, we used this room as a guest room and though we will need a guest space regularly, I didn't see much sense in giving up such a good space for that. So the guests have been relegated to the basement and all my craft supplies are moving in!


12 July 2009

Scraps for the next baby quilt

While avoiding finishing the quilting and binding on the charity quilt as well as deciding what to do the my granny square, I've sorted through my Westfalen green-blue-red scraps in order to decide what design to use them for.

Granny Squares and Foxgloves: how to bind?

One might consider using this lovely fabric as backing and adding another as binding ... but the piece I have is too small for my 47 x 47 inch / 122 x 122 com granny square. We'll see when I work up the courage to cut into this gorgeous fabric.

In the meantime, I have a charity quilt to finish.

8 July 2009

Big Granny Square

I finished crocheting the thing and am almost entirely out of that yarn as well. In the end, I didn't have enough of each colour to complete two final rows per colour so I ended up doing just on final row. Sometimes it's a bit "scrappy", meaning I used another colour to finish the row. The last row is the same dark grey and now I'm measuring the blanket to calculate the binding.

Evening Light: Excellent for showing off quilting lines

Just before I finishing the quilting on this one, I thought I'd snap a picture in the evening light. "L'heure bleue" makes the quilting lines stand out so well.

On tonight's To-Do-List: binding!

2 July 2009

Hello Visitors!

Sadly, because of all that Google (and other) Reader goodness, my visitor numbers are down dramatically! But it's still fun to see where people are from. Over the past few months I had one visitor each from the following countries:

Indonesia, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia, Kazakstan, Kuwait, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Vietnam.

Hello World!

1 July 2009

Back on the Quilting Horse

In a bid to finish my Charity quilt in the evenings of the days running up the the charity auction, I have thrown all caution to the wind and got out the sewing machine.

I had been wary of this because it is my right foot that I broke and this is the one I need to operate the petal of my machine. But much to my relief, it's working well, not too strenuous and I'm half-way through the quilting. I should be able to finish it tonight, leaving THU and FRI night for the binding.

Let's hope I manage to snap a photo before we head off to auction.