31 July 2011

Making headway with fabric selection

Blue but optimistic ;-)

I have finally managed to find enough Kona Solid in blue to start fretting over colour arrangements for the top ...

What also wants to be addressed is the sewing room and the heap of mending ...:

But the ironing is done and the room is already looking much better with everything else put where it belongs!

26 July 2011

How funny is that?

It's not only on the day of my wedding anniversary but also when I am away on my annual retreat .... Coincidence?

the plaid scottie: Finished Whack-a-Bunny Quilt

Check out this brilliant baby quilt
Whack-a-Bunny Quilt
It's The Plaid Scottie's Finished Whack-a-Bunny Quilt: "I finished binding Bry's giveaway prize , the ' Whack-a-Bunny ' quilt, late last night. Sorry, but all you'll get today is a quick photo pa..."

1 July 2011

Details of the front II

It's slow but steady going and I am really happy with the progress I am making in hand-quilting this monster of a quilt. My weeks are rather hectic at the moment and doing this provides much needed quiet!

Maybe it will be done in time for my retreat in September?

Meanwhile being mulled over in my head ...

Bauhaus Inspired Quilt

Friends of ours inquired a while back when (yes, when!?) they would get a quilt!? Seeing how they are building a new house in Bauhaus style, this seems as good an opportunity as any. But the design choices, oh, the choices ... so I surfed the web and came across the above by Orangebird242.

Because my friends are not really Bauhaus kinda people and love Edward Hopper, I thought I'd stick with Hopper-esque colours of blues and greys but arrange all in a Bauhaus-esque design. And ei, presto, my first real excuse to order Kona Solids. But someone something went wrong when I chose the colours:

Colour choices

On screen (and on the print-out of the shop), they go together really well, in real life: not so much! Argh! Back to square one then, eh?