30 June 2008

My next project ...

will be a few sets of coasters ... following this easy instruction from thelongthread.com. I still have two PIFs to do and this will go very well with a table cloth I made for my BFF's brithday last week.

27 June 2008


Whip it up quickly ... because I have been dragging my feet on Paula's blankie, I ran out of time to start and finish my BFF's tablecloth:

I still need to finish three napkins and want to throw in four coasters.

In case you are wondering about the mix of pattern, I had given my BFF cushions for her garden furniture last year. She was pregnant with her first babe, my gorgeous goddaughter Hannah, and I had the idea of her and hubby spending balmy evenings on their balcony, enjoying the peace and quiet while baby slept. The cushions are in that stripey pattern and I had four placemats to go with that.

19 June 2008

Moving right along ...

with the bed spread for Paula's Princess Bed:

I have to confess that I used to think ironing was superfluous and an unnecessary waste of my time. But it's become clear to me that really it can help both during the sewing process and with a better finish ... and I can hear y'all go "duh!".

16 June 2008

Homemade piping

I prepped this on Sunday night and fretted over (im)perfections

Having ironed it like a good girl, I found that all the fretting was in

vain and now that everything is pinned into place, I'm not only pleased but also off to bed.

15 June 2008

Progress Report

Mary posted this on her blog and I thought it was a good idea, though I don't have any photos at the moment:
  • Started crocheting a woollen blanket following inspiration from Joanna and Mr. Monkey Suit

  • a bag full of yarn, some purchased more than six years ago on a sale in Didsbury, Manchester, the pink yarn came from eBay earlier this year.

  • Cut and ironed fabric for Paula's Princess bed blanket and got started on prepping fabric for the piping.

  • Abstained from beginning a fourth project, a disappearing nine patch

  • Tonight I will get cracking on the piping and binding for Paula's blankie.

    12 June 2008

    I like its diversity

    Whip-Up. Also posting links on here is a much nicer way to waste .. ahem ... spend my time than working ;-)

    9 June 2008

    You Doo dolls

    Those are the coolest dolls ever: You Doo Dolls - you can make a doll in your image!

    Guess what!

    I won the auction for the Hummingbird earrings, yay! I even donated extra, that's how pleased I am!!!

    6 June 2008

    Craft for China: Charity Auction

    I just confirmed my first bid on this:

    ... so run along and outbid me like you have done in the past ... when I missed two gorgeous quilts by $10 each in the Kim family auction ;-)

    5 June 2008

    4 June 2008

    Almost done quilting

    I'm happy to report that I am almost finished quilting the dragon, now it's onto wrinkles and creases that need to be added to add more structure.

    Looking at the calendar, I think I will have to interrupt this project to free up time for Paula's princess bed kit. Her birthday is later this month whereas the Dragon only needs to be finished by July 24.

    Gotta love IKEA: the material mosquito netting, already dressed, bed linen and a fleece blankie

    and preliminary lay-out: