29 March 2007

Happily quilting along ...

that seems to be the current theme here. Once I got my act together and assembled the whole thing, I could move to things I like better about quilting. I've rearranged all the animal panels along the grassy border and am currently appliqué-ing them.

And then, there is that small matter of the sun pattern to be dealt with. When I'm all done, I think I'll have problems letting go of it.

25 March 2007

Simultaneous Engineering

Currently I'm working on two quilts at the same time ...

The Safari themed baby quilt whose receiver is due in late April and my lap quilt that is due whenever ...

The baby quilt is moving along fine now that I finally broke out my sewing machine and started assembling it. Until earlier this weekend, I had busied myself mainly with pinning and prepping, but now I'm getting a bit spooked because time is getting away from me here. I'll finish machine-assembly tonight and then I'll hand-applique the animals and have a think about the dimensions of the quilted sun that's to go into the centre. Wish me luck!

PS: as you can see, the most important thing's already in place - my label!