30 September 2010

Halfway through Day One

I'm almost done with the blocks, just lacking inspiration for the last one.

So far, so good!

28 September 2010

Finally finished!

These have been hiding at the bottom of my must-mend bin for 22 (!) months now and this year they are the first Christmas items to be finished.

I have a plan or two for this year and we will see what comes of them. But having finished those feels very good ...

27 September 2010

First Gift Idea for Christmas: Candle Mat

Via the Quilting Gallery, I stumbled across this adorable Candle Mat by Sandi Andersen, which comes in a two-part tutorial: part 1 and part 2.

Candle Mat Swap

I volunteered to make a goodie for the charity auction at my club's International Brunch in December and I think this might just fit the bill!

21 September 2010

Good Inspiration for Kai's Fruity Zoo

Sometimes I abuse this blog a little and it becomes my notepad of sorts. This is one of those moments ... I stumbled across a post on the Pink Chalk blog and the bee blocks posted gave me some good ideas for Kai's baby quilt: See post here

Busy Bees Quilting Bee Block

Busy Bees Quilting Bee Block

Both photos from Flickr

17 September 2010

The start of something new for someone new

After years of waiting to be allowed to adopt Chinese baby girl and with a little extra help, my friend is expecting her first baby. When she told me about her journey I said that no matter which way the baby was "delivered", I'd make a baby quilt for her.

All of the fabrics are from stash, some even from a give-away hosted by Alissa. I'm hoping that this will add extra-good mojo for the kid.

This is one of my projects to take on the retreat later this month.

11 September 2010

It's been way too long!

There is no way that this monster of a job will be finished for the retreat ... but now that summer is almost over, I'm hoping to get back into hand quilting.

1 September 2010