28 December 2010

Happy Goosey Christmas!

I hope y'all had a lovely Christmas. Mine must have been as near perfect as possible with lots of snow, happy children and yummy food.

Today I straightened my sewing room and have found myself to be quite overwhelmed by all that fabric that I bought wanting to make it into something and not quite knowing what. Maybe I should finish a few projects!? It seems like I have been playing catch-up for the past twelve months and never quite managed.

And since the last quilt-related new year's resolution of "no fabric" didn't work out so well (never bought more than in 2009), I think I will resolve to finish more!

26 December 2010

What will we be?

My Christmas loot: 3 charm packs and one FQ bundle of Kate Spain's Fandango. I am droooooling!

20 December 2010

Must (eventually) make one of those ...

... am however scared of all the pointy bits in the middle!

Edited to add: the photo was taken by Red Pepper Quilts at Purl Soho.

18 December 2010

Rafe's Flag

the finished flag

My friend's third son arrived this August and I wanted to make something for him as well. His initials were initially reported to be R - G - L which I found maritime alphabet flag for. Only when the wall hanging was 95% finished did I find out that an extra A had been smuggled in. No way was I going to take it apart again and therefore changed the plan for embellishments, thereby adding the missing letter:


Previous gifts include: Harrison's Friendly Dragon Quilt, Caroline's Objects and Theo's Planes, a cushion cover.

Reindeer surgery

Paula was given a lovely reindeer which is designed in the same style as a lot of the cuddlies and softies one sees online these days. "Elchie" is too cute to bear. But he was born in China and one can tell why this is cheaper. The hand-sown seams where he had been stuffed came apart after only a few (vigorous) cuddling sessions ...

Long story short: there is something to be said for local handiwork and crafts-mum-ship!

16 December 2010

Eternity scarf - what a double entendre!

What do you mean, you can't fudge it!? Well, the instructions were right, you can't fudge it. I tried and I paid the price. So I had to frog the scarf and redo it all over again - hence the name "eternity", I wonder. I did decide however to put the whole thing onto its head and start from the top down. Beginning with a cartridge stitch was causing too much trouble.

All in all, I can say that this is fun to make and the Rowan yarn is oh-so-soft! I cannot wait to be finished and wear it!

my cowl - post frogging

5 December 2010

Happy Advent!

my sad excuse for an advent wreath

This is this year's "Advent Wreath" - I was ill the days running up to First Advent Sunday and couldn't get a green wreath to decorate. When I was well enough again to venture out, obviously they were all sold out .... so none of this this year: