3 November 2012

Christmassy Nine Patch in progress

Christmassy Nine Patch
This one has been going on forever and a day. I only ever worked on it on retreat so no surprise it never got finished. "All that's still needed" is the backing and that proves a bit of a struggle ...

2 November 2012

Dr Seuss Kiddie door pockets

Lorax Kiddie Door Pouches
Another finish from the retreat ... and they look darling dangling from my kids' door handles!

1 November 2012

Finished: Twoo-Hoot

Twoo Hoot - DONE
I took a number of projects on the quilt retreat, this was one of them and I'm pleased to say that it's finished! I'm not too sure about the colours and fabric design but I liked how fast it came together and I really like the quilting on it. Also, this was quite the deviation from my usual fretting. All I did was divide up squares into light and dark and assemble as they appeared in their piles.