8 October 2006

Bag One Done!

Taa daa!

In case you were wondering why this is such a big deal: I grew up with "leg bags", my mum turned all kinds of pant legs into all kinds of bags that were dubbed "bread pouches" ... mainly brown corduroy pants because I grew up during the 1970ies. And believe it or not, some of them are still "in action". In fact, my dad uses one every day to carry a bottle of water, some slices of rye bread and old gouda to the office for his lunchtime snack.

So there you go: history repeated!

Bag Lady

I seem to have been infected by Bag Fever:

An old pant leg, some lining from curtains that needed shortening and those seemingly rather useless strips of rose fabric ...

Stage 2 ... bag taking shape.

Stage 3 will be completed tonight. All in all a very fruitful weekend, finally!

7 October 2006

Binding done ...

Well, sort of: I have attached it to the top to see how big the whole thing will be in order to cut the backing and wadding to size.

I'm quite pleased with the colour and pattern ... the binding is a Red Rooster fabric with just leaves and the backing will be from that same range, just in green. My hand quilting yarn is a delightfull pink to provide some contrast to the otherwise "simple" (aka boring) back.

And see, this is the reason why I will not be doing a Turning Twenty quilt again. I've taken such care to square off the blocks and sew them all precisely ... yet the points are not aligning, sigh. I'm sure it'll be fine once it's quilted. I can always apply my favorite excuse: handmade!

6 October 2006


I've had to redo two blocks because of colour considerations and then assembled the whole thing while watching American Dreamz and slurping white wine. Perfect Friday night, given that hubby was out of the country.