18 March 2005

Some things were not meant to be ...

which is why I have uninstalled Haloscan. Quite a short life cycle, that! But the blog looks cleaner and I will just have to live with the non-speed and (in)availability of blogger commenting.

17 March 2005

I have installed TrackBack

and have to confess that I have no idea whatsoever what TrackBack actually is. HaloScan's FAQ is down too, which isn't exactly helping. Also, I find that I don't exactly like how it's looking at the moment. Do I have to lose my old comments in order to make it look somewhat more respectable?

I will therefore turn to things about which I know a *little* bit more ... quilting ... and my new hand quilting frame. Drool!

But if anyone passing by this post knows what TrackBack is, please enlighten me!!!

14 March 2005

I'm speechless!

Look at this, this is a *quilt*!!!

It was made by Debra Danko. Have a look at her other works, they are fab!

11 March 2005

Mel's Fusing 101

Thank you for posting your Fusing 101 including the action shots. Unfortunately, I cannot comment at the moment, some blogger.com problem.


7 March 2005

The lay-out's done!

The individual images will be applied to individual patches that will then be patches together according to this layout. In the middle there will be a quilted "centrepiece" in an Indian-of-sorts (as in the country, not the Native Americans) design which I have yet to find. There will also be quilting around each applied image. So no sashing ...

Update: I've hopefully found a source for the centre piece:

I already have their book on Art Nouveau designs and though it is quite slim, it's packed with designs for all kinds of purposes. All are just black and whites therefore ideal for quilting and loads of other endeavours.

I will now have to iron it all so that I can take the patches on "hols" with me.

4 March 2005

Back from washing ....

This is it:

one return of Makower Monsoon Range as well as border fabric, the dark red originates from a VIP range of fabrics. It matches almost perfectly.

I think I will hand-applique the individual images from the return onto squares of the red fabric. When assembling I may use stripes of the border fabric as sashing, we shall see. I will begin the cutting of the return tonight so that I can spend the next week fretting over the layout before cutting the red fabric into squares.

This will be a lapquilt for my mum's 70th birthday in 2008 (yes, early, but this way I'm getting it done!).

3 March 2005

"Travel Quilt"

I've decided to prep a quilt top to take with me on holiday in a few weeks time so that whilst my in-laws bicker, I can hunker down and do some stitching. That should also take care of another one of my UFOs.

And I shouldn't forget washing the fabric this time around as it is the same red stuff I used in my delectable mountain design!

Off I go to wash, iron and cut to pieces.

That does not mean ...

that I've stopped working on the other quilt. I'll still do that in the evenings as a de-stressor!