17 March 2005

I have installed TrackBack

and have to confess that I have no idea whatsoever what TrackBack actually is. HaloScan's FAQ is down too, which isn't exactly helping. Also, I find that I don't exactly like how it's looking at the moment. Do I have to lose my old comments in order to make it look somewhat more respectable?

I will therefore turn to things about which I know a *little* bit more ... quilting ... and my new hand quilting frame. Drool!

But if anyone passing by this post knows what TrackBack is, please enlighten me!!!


Brit said...

uh yeah, all I know about trackback is I turned it off because I kept getting comments from "internet poker" . I don't even really know what the point is. sorry

Dorothee said...

OK, I was just really unhappy with the speed and (in)availability of the comment feature here at blogger ... so I guess I just got sucked into a vortex.

Off to un-install then ...