19 November 2011

Another finish: Almondesque

Done - perspective

Done - details of quilting

Almondesque is done. And I am really pleased. It was inspired by this photo:
Bauhaus Inspired Quilt DONE!

The quilt was very well received and a total surprise for my friends. They had thought that their boat had sailed in terms of receiving a quilt from me because they were done having babies before I had ramped up production enough for me to give quilts away to special small humans ...

Vital Stats:
105 * 185 cm, roughly
Kona Solids
G├╝termann and Aurifil threads
Freudenberg 100% cotton wadding
lotsa fun to make! .... more

13 November 2011

Quilting done ....!

Quilting all done II

I have another 3 evenings to get this one done and washed. So far, so good. While not entirely perfect, I think the quilting is straight enough. What's more, I managed to hit most of the corners the way I meant to ....

Now onto binding!