26 April 2006

Back due to "popular demand" :-)

Following two comments left by ForestJane and Sharon, I feel inclined to state to myself and everybody interested: No. I will not go away!

I am currently trying to reorganise myself, my mind, my outlook, in short: my life. Somehow, bad health, pressure - real and imagined - as well as all those little jobs we've got have gotten in the way of mine. Instead of actually doing something with myself and my time, I found myself merely consuming other people's lives.

So give me a little while to sort through the rubble in my head and I should be back in full force.

Thanks for your concern, everyone!

6 April 2006

"No" is a complete sentence.

Use it.

That's one piece of advice from Oprah.com that I need to learn to heed!!! I keep on piling stuff on my plate in order to be supportive and not let people down, in the name of "good vibes" etc. And it's sucking me dry.

I also need to learn how to say "no" to the constant lure of the web, on which I spend way too much time instead of actually living my life.

Said, done, logged off ;-)

3 April 2006

All Drive & Energy lost ...

... in part because I have been ill pretty much since last November. This is just sucking me dry, my ears are ringing, I'm coughing and just basically feel drained. Looking around all those quilting blogs is only partially a good remedy. It gets my motivation up for some time but then the exhaustion and bad conscience (considering everything else I should be doing) set in. The fact that I acquired a stomach bug on Saturday isn't helping either.

Whenever I finish one quilt, I have a hard time starting a new project. Also, since my planned projects are meant to be machined quilts, there is nothing for me to work on while lounging on the sofa. That's another source of discontent for me. Therefore I decided to start a new knitting project to tide me over. I will frog a cardie I made for Carola and use up the rest of some wool bought on sale ages ago to turn that into an argyle blankie. Don't ask me who the recipient will be, he/she will have to be small because it's not a lot of wool. I'll also frog two other projects I made of the scratchiest wool ever.

And then, one day, I may be motivated enough to cut fabric and get a start on my Noah's quilt. The one, where I calculated the enlargement needed only to find out that the copier couldn't cope with the size. Sigh.