26 April 2006

Back due to "popular demand" :-)

Following two comments left by ForestJane and Sharon, I feel inclined to state to myself and everybody interested: No. I will not go away!

I am currently trying to reorganise myself, my mind, my outlook, in short: my life. Somehow, bad health, pressure - real and imagined - as well as all those little jobs we've got have gotten in the way of mine. Instead of actually doing something with myself and my time, I found myself merely consuming other people's lives.

So give me a little while to sort through the rubble in my head and I should be back in full force.

Thanks for your concern, everyone!


Patti said...

Glad you are OK. Sending positive thoughts your way for making good progress. We miss you!

ForestJane said...

That's good, take care of yourself... ((((HUGS))))

YankeeQuilter said...

Hang in there. I think we (read women) underestimate how hard a health problem can be on us. In the long run it isn't helping your family to push yourself now only to prolong the problem...this comes from someone who is very guilty of te former!

Take care.