21 March 2011


I am very happy with my progress on the Big Zig quilt. With wadding on the way from my favourite quilt shopkeeper, it's time for me to crack on and finish this one:

Excellent progress ... me v happy! Spot the mistake
Matching up corners, thank you, masking tape! Down on the floor

Now that I decided on the border, there's only the batting to fret about and I might consider a pieced back but am not entirely sure yet. Another thing to ponder is the quilting. I'm not very seasoned at free motion / stippling and zigging along the zigzags may be a good way to accentuate the pattern.

Ok, off to the sewing machine!

20 March 2011

Easter Decorations: Paper Balls

It doesn't happen very often that I sit down with my girls and do a spot of crafting, sadly, because we all enjoy it very much. Strangely, Easter seems to bring out the Crafty Mum in me ... so we sat down and made paper balls ... good fun was had by all.

For reference, this was last year's craft: Happy Easter 2010

Two more seconds: Mug Rug Madness

Not that I have ever gotten around to making one myself, I imagine these little mug rugs make excellent little pressies ... and I will most certainly be reading along:

19 March 2011

Auditioning Borders ...

Given that I never really "plan" a quilt, I oftentimes come to a point where I feel the assembled top is too small. This one's currently 100 X 140 cm which strikes me as a bit twee for a grown man's lap / nap quilt.

I wondered wether I could remedy this by adding borders but that's a bit tricky given the bold pattern. My initial thought was to first add a solid border and then squares the same height as the zigs.

Hm ... not happy with that .... too blocky-bold-weird ... so off to Flickr I went and came across this:

Originally uploaded by Ms Alleycat

Hence the new action plan: Add as many blocks as the dark blue scraps will allow, then add borders similar in style to those shown by the smart Ms Alleycat!

Now off to order wadding!

15 March 2011

Brilliant use of scraps ... Log Cabin Patchwork by Red Pepper Quilts

"Scraps" appear on the top of my mind today - not work, mind you - and this is a great way to use scraps from one colourway. I think I should be making one of these with all my pink scraps ...

Great idea, AmandaJean: Using batting scraps

I have always derived a strange form of satisfaction in using all my batting ... and AmandaJean is showing how to turn those left-overs into a rag quilt ... go check it out!

Edited to add a link to the finished product: Rags to Riches.