19 March 2011

Auditioning Borders ...

Given that I never really "plan" a quilt, I oftentimes come to a point where I feel the assembled top is too small. This one's currently 100 X 140 cm which strikes me as a bit twee for a grown man's lap / nap quilt.

I wondered wether I could remedy this by adding borders but that's a bit tricky given the bold pattern. My initial thought was to first add a solid border and then squares the same height as the zigs.

Hm ... not happy with that .... too blocky-bold-weird ... so off to Flickr I went and came across this:

Originally uploaded by Ms Alleycat

Hence the new action plan: Add as many blocks as the dark blue scraps will allow, then add borders similar in style to those shown by the smart Ms Alleycat!

Now off to order wadding!

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