28 December 2010

Happy Goosey Christmas!

I hope y'all had a lovely Christmas. Mine must have been as near perfect as possible with lots of snow, happy children and yummy food.

Today I straightened my sewing room and have found myself to be quite overwhelmed by all that fabric that I bought wanting to make it into something and not quite knowing what. Maybe I should finish a few projects!? It seems like I have been playing catch-up for the past twelve months and never quite managed.

And since the last quilt-related new year's resolution of "no fabric" didn't work out so well (never bought more than in 2009), I think I will resolve to finish more!

26 December 2010

What will we be?

My Christmas loot: 3 charm packs and one FQ bundle of Kate Spain's Fandango. I am droooooling!

20 December 2010

Must (eventually) make one of those ...

... am however scared of all the pointy bits in the middle!

Edited to add: the photo was taken by Red Pepper Quilts at Purl Soho.

18 December 2010

Rafe's Flag

the finished flag

My friend's third son arrived this August and I wanted to make something for him as well. His initials were initially reported to be R - G - L which I found maritime alphabet flag for. Only when the wall hanging was 95% finished did I find out that an extra A had been smuggled in. No way was I going to take it apart again and therefore changed the plan for embellishments, thereby adding the missing letter:


Previous gifts include: Harrison's Friendly Dragon Quilt, Caroline's Objects and Theo's Planes, a cushion cover.

Reindeer surgery

Paula was given a lovely reindeer which is designed in the same style as a lot of the cuddlies and softies one sees online these days. "Elchie" is too cute to bear. But he was born in China and one can tell why this is cheaper. The hand-sown seams where he had been stuffed came apart after only a few (vigorous) cuddling sessions ...

Long story short: there is something to be said for local handiwork and crafts-mum-ship!

16 December 2010

Eternity scarf - what a double entendre!

What do you mean, you can't fudge it!? Well, the instructions were right, you can't fudge it. I tried and I paid the price. So I had to frog the scarf and redo it all over again - hence the name "eternity", I wonder. I did decide however to put the whole thing onto its head and start from the top down. Beginning with a cartridge stitch was causing too much trouble.

All in all, I can say that this is fun to make and the Rowan yarn is oh-so-soft! I cannot wait to be finished and wear it!

my cowl - post frogging

5 December 2010

Happy Advent!

my sad excuse for an advent wreath

This is this year's "Advent Wreath" - I was ill the days running up to First Advent Sunday and couldn't get a green wreath to decorate. When I was well enough again to venture out, obviously they were all sold out .... so none of this this year:

29 November 2010

Rafe's Flag

The prairie points were meant to go on the bottom but I think I like it more this way.

27 November 2010

Getting ready for Christmas ...

Fidgy Pudding pressie towels

Originally, these towels were meant to go into a Christmas charity raffle but there are so many items already that I am just giving them away as gifts. Because I was having fun with them and a lot of cat-themed Christmas fabric, I made some kitty Christmas towels for my friend Caroline:
Catty Christmas towels - almost finished!

And now, finally, for me, me, me:
Cowl for me, me, me!

I found the pattern on Ravelry and I can tell you that Rowan Lima is delicious, soft and wonderful to work with!

25 November 2010

Brilliant idea!

This was originally uploaded by imagingermonkey. And I think I will have to make something like this too!

22 November 2010

Mug Rugs ...

As you may be able to tell ... I am bored at work, not because I don't have a lot on ... but because it leaves me a bit uninspired at the moment ... I'd rather be making mug rugs ...

Guess what I will do tonight!

There are Christmas stocking and tea towel fabrics that I crave!

19 November 2010

Can you say "sidetracked" ...

During my first visit to Melody's Fiber Mania blog, I stumbled across one of her projects, the eternity scarf .... I loved it so much - me, the person who doesn't like wearing self-knit things - that I had to hop over to CS Quilt Design for Rowan Lima yarn and downloaded the pattern.

I have no idea when I will manage to actually knit this ... but one can still dream, right?

18 November 2010

As an aside ...

I so want to go to the Festival of Quilts in Brum in August 2011.

For more info, go to Facebook or Twisted Thread

Christmas Countdown

Candle Mat

I actually made two of these after stumbling across the Candle Mat swap. One will go to my mum, the other will go to the raffle at the International Brunch the International Women's Club Stuttgart is hosting in aid of the Kinderschutzbund Stuttgart and their amazing efforts in supporting children in need.

6 November 2010

Such a simple, yet cool way to use HST

As some already know, I hate corners, I hate triangles even more. But I love HSTs ... they are so easy to make. But they can be a bit repetitive, so this is a great way to use them.

Thank you, Red Pepper Quilts, for sharing!

Cuddly Lovey surgery

Paula has had Yayo since birth and loves that little lion with all her heart ... and teeth and arms ... There came the day when Yayo was so threadbare that he was more bare than he had threads left:

The Lion Patient

Because she wasn't my first baby, I had the good sense to buy two of the same animal and in the beginning I managed to somewhat rotate them.

Bought on the same day ...

Which now left me with a bit of an imposter who needed to be "adapted" to his identical twin ... and at the end of it, I had a very happy little girl ...

All in a weekend's work!

30 October 2010

Finished! and before baby's due date too

I can hardly believe it! I finished this baby quilt before Baby K puts in an appearance. Obviously I have a few favourite blocks:

My favourite blocks II

On the whole, this quilt was so much fun to make. I started off with inspiration from Pink Chalk Studio and just rolled with it.

Always being one for short cuts, I'm especially proud of the quilting along the binding which simultaneously attached the other side of the binding:

Simultaneously stitching on binding and quilting

13 October 2010

Quilt Exhibition in Holzgerlingen, Germany

Vom 16. - 24. Oktober findet auf Burg Kalteneck die gro├če Quilt-Ausstellung statt.

Den Flyer und weitere Infos gibt's hier und den abgebildeten Quilt sogar zu gewinnen. Ich habe ihn gesehen, er ist sensationell!

For all you international quilters in Southwest Germany: there is an exciting quilt exhibit on from this weekend. More details here - two fabulous quilts to be won in a charity raffle!

12 October 2010

Retreat Report

It's already been more than a week since I've been back from Herrenalb but I can report that it's been a great looong weekend. The Lady who Organises it did a very good job again at keeping everybody happy and everything ticking over nicely.

I've been lucky enough to share a table with experienced quilters who really know what they are doing and so it's been a good learning experience as well as a productive four days.

First on my agenda was a baby quilt called "Kai's Fruity Zoo" for my friend's son due next month:

Kai's Fruity Zoo - pinned and ready for hand quilting

This was really good fun to make because I planned very little other than taking black'n'white print outs of blocks posted a few weeks ago. Basically, I just went with the flow, had no plan and no process. And I really like the resulting top which has actually progressed much further than above picture implies. It's now quilted and just needs its binding putting on with one last line of quilting.

I also spend a lot of time on other projects like this one which will be a Zig Zag baby quilt when it's done:

early bird

and on this Disappearing Nine Patch:


It's quite Christmassy in colours, I just don't know what to make of it yet. But the individual blocks came together so quickly - I currently have 49 - that I may well make more with the "left-over" fabric I acquired.

And while we're on that seasonal topic, I can also show you this:

Red Star Christmas

These will be candle mats, one to be donated to a charity auction, the other as a pressie for my mum.

Then I worked on a wall or door hanging for another baby boy:

RGL - in nautical flags

He recently arrived and supposedly those flags above are nautical alphabet flags spelling his initials R - G - L. This one needs a back, two hooks or something similar for hanging and some minor quilting.

And I swear I was good and spend some time with this monster:

4 down, ten to go ...

I think I finished another five or six of them large white sections. But it's a long way to go still.

Then obviously, much time was spend chatting, perusing the offerings of our favourite local quilt shop as well as the cross stitching shop.

7 October 2010

Fat Quarterly: Holiday Edition Coming Soon...

Fat Quarterly: Coming Soon...: "We have been working really hard over the last couple of months to bring you a special 'Holiday' Issue of Fat Quarterly. Packed to the bring..."

and I will be buying it. Although I have my Christmas crafty plans all lined up, it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas 2011 ;-)

5 October 2010

Fat Quarterly Quilt Along - Dandelion Girl quilt

For years, I have been looking for a suitable pattern for all my Dandelion Girl fabric and I think I may have found it ... Regardless of that, I like this idea of keeping the core of this block all in the same colour.

Originally uploaded by Jewel's Arm Candy.

1 October 2010

Chunky Quilting

Wadded, pinned and ready to go: I spend me evenings at the retreat with hand quilting - very Zen!

Imperfect but I like it!

This is the first top I didn't plan to within an inch of its life and I like it very much.

30 September 2010

Halfway through Day One

I'm almost done with the blocks, just lacking inspiration for the last one.

So far, so good!

28 September 2010

Finally finished!

These have been hiding at the bottom of my must-mend bin for 22 (!) months now and this year they are the first Christmas items to be finished.

I have a plan or two for this year and we will see what comes of them. But having finished those feels very good ...

27 September 2010

First Gift Idea for Christmas: Candle Mat

Via the Quilting Gallery, I stumbled across this adorable Candle Mat by Sandi Andersen, which comes in a two-part tutorial: part 1 and part 2.

Candle Mat Swap

I volunteered to make a goodie for the charity auction at my club's International Brunch in December and I think this might just fit the bill!

21 September 2010

Good Inspiration for Kai's Fruity Zoo

Sometimes I abuse this blog a little and it becomes my notepad of sorts. This is one of those moments ... I stumbled across a post on the Pink Chalk blog and the bee blocks posted gave me some good ideas for Kai's baby quilt: See post here

Busy Bees Quilting Bee Block

Busy Bees Quilting Bee Block

Both photos from Flickr

17 September 2010

The start of something new for someone new

After years of waiting to be allowed to adopt Chinese baby girl and with a little extra help, my friend is expecting her first baby. When she told me about her journey I said that no matter which way the baby was "delivered", I'd make a baby quilt for her.

All of the fabrics are from stash, some even from a give-away hosted by Alissa. I'm hoping that this will add extra-good mojo for the kid.

This is one of my projects to take on the retreat later this month.

11 September 2010

It's been way too long!

There is no way that this monster of a job will be finished for the retreat ... but now that summer is almost over, I'm hoping to get back into hand quilting.

1 September 2010

24 August 2010

The finished thing

Crocheting Madness has changed form and is now finished. Don't ask me what exactly I am going to do with it but I'm sure I'll find a freezing soul to cover with it ...

19 August 2010

On the hoop

problem solved ... now I just need to find the motivation to hand-quilt!

15 August 2010

On the needle again ...

While I loved making the ripply shawl, I really didn't like the result. This is much better!

9 August 2010

Any tips for quilting a monster?

This quilt is roughly 85 * 85 inches big (220 * 220 cm) which is part of the reason why I am quilting it by hand. The other is that I enjoy hand quilting though I haven't really done it in ages.

Because this one is so big and unwhieldy, I am wondering whether anyone has any good tips for me?

6 August 2010

Working close to the ground

I spent a lot of my free time this week working very close to the ground in a successful attempt to finish the top of my Night on the Tiles quilt. And it's done:

Top finished

I will trim the outer white triangles just before binding so tonight, I will piece the backing and tomorrow I will start sandwiching. Good thing hubby doesn't come home for another week;)

1 August 2010


Somehow, I never really liked the Ripply Shawl and I needed some of the yarn for a different project so I spend an evening and a half frogging it.

30 July 2010

Pins, pins and more pins!

I'm preparing for 9 or 10 days of relative peace and quiet, with both hubby and the girls away for 7 or more days ...

... and that means good progress on the HST Neptune, disguised as test-driving my new cordless iron ...

... and it's cordless!

... so that I can move onto the Night on the Tiles.