9 August 2010

Any tips for quilting a monster?

This quilt is roughly 85 * 85 inches big (220 * 220 cm) which is part of the reason why I am quilting it by hand. The other is that I enjoy hand quilting though I haven't really done it in ages.

Because this one is so big and unwhieldy, I am wondering whether anyone has any good tips for me?


Hand Quilting Nana said...

Too late now but I am working on a large quilt and I am doing a block at a time then sewing them altogether. Much easier.

Sherry said...

I'm currently hand quilting a large quilt. The biggest problem that I have is not having a supported hoop that is the correct size. I have a 12" hoop on a stand that is too small. . . but the 18" hoop stand that I have is too large.

Other than the hoop problem I just need to be concerned with being comfortable while I'm stitching.

What worked for me was sitting on the bed instead of on a chair.

You didn't mention what issues you were concerned about so I don't know if my comments helped at all.