19 July 2012

Packing in ...

My sewing room will be renovated / painted because we are selling our house because we have bought a new place that we will move into sometime next spring.

So I need to pack in a lot of my fabric loot ... yikes! That means that I need to plan ahead what I want to work on until we move next year.

- Night on the Tiles
- Twoo hoot
- Christmassy Disappearing Nine Patch

There will have to be one "creative" or scrappy project and one woolly one, probably this cowl. The scrappy project is a bit of a challenge so maybe I should peruse http://scrapquilts.com/ ...? Or maybe even doing a Fading Charms quilt?

This should be interesting!

4 July 2012

Ruined it ...

So I was fiddling with possible templates and blogger decided to swallow my custom template and not allow me the revoke the change ...

but it is a good excuse for an overhaul and upgrade, isn't it?

UPDATE: I hate the new template interface ... can't seem to add any buttons, flickr, my finished projects broken down by year ... lost all my links to tutorials ... not a happy camper here.

UPDATE 2: slowly getting there but not quite happy yet ...

UPDATE 3: ok, finally getting there.