27 February 2009

Top in the mountains

Having finally finished the two samplers, I went to work on this new project: hand-quilting and binding a Bassetti Gran Foulard panel which is to be a quilt for my god-mother's 75th birthday in 2011 (yes, I needed a hand quilting project to take on holiday with me and that was the only one lined up.)

25 February 2009

Samplers finished and showing off!

Finally, after roughly six and a half years, this - my first quilting project - is finished! The girls are very excited about their samplers and looking forward to playing with them and their dollies, once the quilts have been washed.

I like this shot because of the contrast: yellow-red-blue vs back-n-white.

16 February 2009

Very little activity here ...

Sorry about that! I've spent my evenings being exhausted and trying to catch up from weekend before last. Hence not a lot of quilting happening ... which is also due to the tedious job I have to do: finishing off the two sampler quilts.

Sometime this week I will have to take my sewing machine in for a service so that she'll get the well deserved holiday while we are gone and I won't have to miss her as much.

7 February 2009

I fell off ...

the no.fabric.this.year wagon :-(

But it was worth it and I did try! Close to my hubby's work week apartment is a little craft shop that I decided to check out. I made a point of leaving my wallet in the car. And all was good in the "discipline department" until I came across a small-ish pile of quilt fabrics that hadn't even been set up for sale yet. They were new arrivals of the first Tilda line the shop owner had ordered. Now she has no more because I bought all 6 metres. Oh well.

6 February 2009

Selection of quilt thread against backing

As I pack my things for what was scheduled to be a quiet weekend - and will now not be thanks to battles over home- and school work - I thought I'd take a quick shot of my selection of threads for hand-quilting the top.

I'm still unsure of the green variegated thread but it's worth a try.

3 February 2009

Pledge Report January 2009

With the first month of the year already over, I am happy to report that I am doing well with my pledge to not purchase any fabric in 2009.

About ten days ago, I ordered a thread / bobbin organiser and some quilt thread from an online shop but decided to return all of it because my initial set-up proved cheaper and better.

So: yay me!

As for the other good intentions, I went to the gym for the second time this year (oops, meant to go twice a week and my first trip doesn't even really count because I was too late for the class I wanted to take). But the class was great so I'm back for more next week!