31 July 2005

Centre piece design

This is the design I chose from that book of Indian Designs as a centre piece for the now-assembled quilt.

Needless to say, it's warped, does not have the dimensions I need and I have no idea how to transfer it properly ... sigh.

But I asked Susan D. for help so let's see ;-)

26 July 2005

Next: Machine Assembly

All appliqued (shouldn't it be "applied"?) so I'm really to assemble ... which means I will have to break out my sewing machine. I always dread that and then I don't want to return it to its case. Schizo, I know.

And while I work up my courage, I'll better check out the designs for the centre of the quilt.

24 July 2005

Being results-driven

I spoke to my cousin yesterday, she's not actually my real cousin, instead she's married to him. But I've known her for more than half her life and a lot more than half of mine.

She's a professional musician (piano) and music professor. She's also mother of two children. While she gets some flac for her mothering ways, she's indisputably great at music. I never fail to be amazed by her performing persona. And I enjoy discussing creativeness/art/music with her.

We spoke about my quilting and I said that I enjoy (in fact crave and neeeeed) quilting because it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day that I do not get out of motherhood. To me, my mothering is marked by my contemplating my shortcomings. I constantly question myself and find areas in dire need of improvement. This in combination with the lack of input caused by Alex's absence during the week, makes my days a tad tough.

I long for a time when I'll be able to interact more with adults and when I have more time for my "art". I shy away from that term in connection with my creations as art should be of a higher value than what I produce. But to hell with that, I *enjoy* what I do. Contemplating new projects gives me energy and drive. At times, it allows me to fall asleep when I'm battling insomnia caused by being overly stressed.

While I set up this blog in order to keep track of my projects, it's nice to just write down thoughts and motivations without addressing anybody in particular.

22 July 2005


This isn't really related to quilting but the instructions are really interesting: The FunkyC Way of Tie-Dyeing as well as instructions on knot tying. The result is really scrumptious:

and reminds me of an old tee I have that may find its way into the planned tee shirt quilt.

To count to 30 is not an easy feat!

Apparently I hadn't prepped all 30 patches for my Easter hols and completely forgot that there were more than 20. Which I'd already ironed, folded, pinned etc. All of a sudden, when looking at my layout, I found out that there were another ten. Oh well ...

I think I also need to rework the design a little to accommodate for seams, something that escaped me earlier. Which makes fusing sound like a much more practical choice. But it's a lap quilt to be used frequently - or so I hope. So sewing it is. Plus what else am I to do in the evenings with hubby being away MON-FRI?

6 July 2005

Mighty pleased!

My appliqué is coming along nicely, I've got 8 of 20 complete already. I'm really very pleased with my progress, especially considering that when I first did appliqué in class, I hated it. In fact, we all hated it, the group had never been that belligerent about their little project as when we did our fl*ming turkey tracks (that have since become a UFO).

3 July 2005


Now that I've finished my baby quilt (including the mandatory bragging ;-), I'm wondering how to label it. I know what needs to go onto the label but I don't really want to hand-embroider it. I guess I'm looking for a lazy and faster, neater way to do it.

Any ideas?

1 July 2005

One down, 19 to go

... and granted: it's crooked too. But I can always correct that during assembly.

And this will be the lay-out of the end result, hopefully, with the quilting pattern still to be selected.