27 September 2007

Proud Owner of 80 4 inch Kaffe squares

all paid for and awaiting shipment. Now I need to wait for the other auction and go through my stash looking for the other Kaffe fabrics I bought last year. Then I can decide on a size. It might be a warming winter quilt for myself ...

Cleaning up

Because I am bored, I am weeding out my nav bar and a few of those links will have to go: Artist Quilters' Sites:
Amy Climer, Lynne Heller, Karen Kamenetzky, Susan Carlson, Patty Hawkins, Barbara Watler, Eleanor McCain, Debra Danko, Jane Sassaman, Jeanne Raffer Beck, Paula Nadelstern, Mary Manahan

I'm bored so I eBay

and purchase Kaffe Fassett fabrics. There are 40 squares, 2 per design, sized 4 inches, in the pack. I'm bidding on a second pack of the same and on this one as well:

More Kaffe fabric ... I think I will just maschine them together as squares and simply quilt them. The sizing will depend entirely on how many of those packs I'm getting so keep your fingers crossed.

Maybe I should automatically file this post under "UFOs" ... ;-)

22 September 2007

Meanwhile ...

... I have been eBay-ing. Every few months, I become obsessive-compulsive and start cleaning out wardrobes, piling things into four heaps: lend to others (mainly my BFF with a daughter exactly three years younger than mine), eBay, second hand store, donation. Those piles grow to gravity-defying size until I finally get my act together to put it all on eBay or the appropriate boxes (since I did, you can hardly walk in our bike cellar for boxes awaiting their being shipped off).

and that's just the kid stuff.

In the evenings I have been distracting myself with this little thing:

Not much progress compared to five weeks ago .....

For lack of better content, really

Argh, as always happens, my quilting is somewhat on hold. After each holiday or frantic and exhaustive period in recent years, I struggle with getting back onto my quilting horse. Last night, I made a half-hearted attempt that ended within five minutes.

Therefore I have resolved to sift through my supplies to always have all supplies for my current project on hand. Why? Currently, I use what would be a large make-up bag to hold my supplies when I sit on my living room sofa and quilt. It is full of debris from five years of quilting and I can never easily find what I am looking for. Hence last night's frustration. And my urge to organise.

We - you and I - shall see where this takes us ;-)

Edited to add: See what I mean?

Said contents of said sewing bag, sad, isn't it?

18 September 2007

Under water ... but never short of ideas!

Under water - that's me! We got back from our lovely hols about 12 days ago and since I have been doing laundry like mad, decluttering the kids' rooms, hosting the "first day of school" festivities for my elder daughter, hosting my elder daughter's soulmate (quite literally) and her family for a weekend and preparing for a major application test at a new business venture plus working approx 40 billable hours. ...

Normal activity may resume soon ... and despite having a plethora of UFOs, I'm thinking of diverting my attention to Kristin La Flamme's Mod Log Table Runner. hoping I'll have enough coordinating fabrics to use up my autumnal fat quarters.