22 September 2007

For lack of better content, really

Argh, as always happens, my quilting is somewhat on hold. After each holiday or frantic and exhaustive period in recent years, I struggle with getting back onto my quilting horse. Last night, I made a half-hearted attempt that ended within five minutes.

Therefore I have resolved to sift through my supplies to always have all supplies for my current project on hand. Why? Currently, I use what would be a large make-up bag to hold my supplies when I sit on my living room sofa and quilt. It is full of debris from five years of quilting and I can never easily find what I am looking for. Hence last night's frustration. And my urge to organise.

We - you and I - shall see where this takes us ;-)

Edited to add: See what I mean?

Said contents of said sewing bag, sad, isn't it?

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paula, the quilter said...

You know, I always find that if I refold my fabric stash, that ceative urge is rekindled. Good luck!