26 February 2007

Baby Quilt 1: lay-out done

With the "help" of my girls, I've finalised the lay-out on the first baby quilt. As the discerning reader will notice, it is still lacking the "pampa" fabric, which is yellow and earmarked for the centre. It was off to be ironed, back today, and will now determine the actual size of my oeuvre, together with the yellow fleece.

9 February 2007

Baby Quilt 1

This is the material for my first baby quilt of the year. I purchased it years ago and always had it earmarked for our friends' baby. Our friends are the couple through whom my husband and I met. They were our witnesses at our civic wedding ceremony and have tried to conceive this child for many years. Well, the day finally came and she is due in late April. So, time to crack on!

Her parents emigrated to Namibia about eight years ago, hence the African theme. The animals will be applied to the grass fabric that will frame the desert / tampas fabric in the middle. The centre piece will be a quilted sun.

I'm still undecided whether to keep the back bare, just the fleece that would otherwise be the wadding. I'm thinking the bare fleece will give more warmth. And the whole thing is off to be washed now.