29 June 2012

Catching up on UFOs

The upside of having a few UFOs knocking around my sewing room is that during that weird period after finishing one piece and before beginning a new project, there is satisfying work to keep me busy:

Baby Zig will go to Greta, sister of Helena the Great and Emergency Elisa.

HST Neptune details

HST Neptune was a fun little project and I love the quilting on it. Just ignore the white wine spills .... I only need to finish the corners and tie up loose ends on both of those. And then there is an owly UFO awaiting sandwiching and basting ... it's already taped to my sewing room floor.

23 June 2012

Another finish: Nostalgia

It was a race against time but I made it and am pleased to report that Nostalgia was finished just in time for my BFF's big 4-0. And she LOVED it. In fact, she and her guests loved it. Two of my close friends - of Vague Heart fame - actually approached me to ask whether they could order one from me. I was beyond chuffed.

18 June 2012

Next up: tablet cover

Once I am done with Nostalgia - deadline is this Saturday, I will make myself a cover for my tablet using this tutorial from One Shabby Chick.

4 June 2012

Progressing with Nostalgia

top done II

top done

I've been making good progress with this piece though every time I get to a part of the process that I don't enjoy, I really have to give myself a pep talk. Now "all I need to do" is add a simple cream border, sandwich, quilt (straight line modern to offset the nostalgic fabric) and bind before June 22. Easy-peasy ...