27 May 2008

Highlight on a crap day

Oh my, what a bad day I was having: my eldest woke me at 6 even though I could have slept till 7:15 and it all went downhill from there ... until I opened a package from a fellow quilter.

It's from playing PIF with Kristin Laflamme and a reminder that I need to eventually deliver as well ...

Thank you, Kristin, you really made my day.

26 May 2008

Birthday Party season begins

Take: baby pink stationary, dotted scrapbooking paper and kitchen foil

to make muffin-themed Fairy Party invites for six.

23 May 2008

Finally: ET meets Frankenstein

Entie, the much beloved cuddly duck, has made it through surgery and is now awaiting her appointment with the Tailor to the Princesses, moi! Until such date, she must bear with her ET-(Elizabeth Taylor)-esque outfit.

In case you're wondering what Frankenstein is doing in the header of this post: her headshape is definitely frankenstein-esque. And her eyes beady.

Bloggies 2008 - Best craft blogs

I just stumbled across the winner and runner-uppers for best craft blog:

winner: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ - not too keen on that one. I confess to thinking: why? This is not about quilting ... it cannot possibly be a craft blog. So tolerant, me ;-)

Posy Gets Cosy - that's better!

Apartment Therapy - colour scheme inspiration for me?

Not Martha - I believe I listed this one once.

Angry Chicken - this I think I once listed too. Too much non-quilting stuff on there for my liking.

I find there are few subjects in blogging that I am really interested in: quilting, photography and gossip. In that order.

14 May 2008

Quilt and crafts shopping in Northern Michigan

We will be travelling to the Greater Traverse City area up by the Lakes in Michigan this summer and I want to stock up on quilt and crafts supplies, especially on stuff I cannot get in Germany.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Don't be afraid to plug your own shop if you come across my post!

I am bringing a LARGE empty sports bag that wants to return home filled with goodies ;-)

Larger Map

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

but no, no, no time for them ... I have found yet another simple design for a quickly whipped up top here: Quilt in a Day. It is versatile and quickly finished, hence ideal for a baby / cot quilt for my friend's baby due on September 11

Meanwhile because of work overload, I have not gotten enough quilting done on my dragon. But I appear to have found myself a new aupair which should ease the stress notably. She is from Kansas, quite tall, loves Germany and playing with little girls, comes with excellent references ...!

7 May 2008

Mending ducks and pants

Again, no time for quilting because outside of insane working hours, usually well into the evening (because my nanny is on holiday and I don't have anyone to watch the kids in the afternoons) and household chores, I have to mend our favourite duck - again! And the turn-up in my preferred dress-up pants has come undone and needs fixing before we jet of to Rome, no less, in 36 hours time.

So, after March's fruitless attempt I am at it again, this time by hand because that gave me the best results in previous successful operations in April 2007, January 2007 and once before that in 2004.

Such a sorry state, coverall loved through, runs and ladders up her throat, even one wing is threadbare. She has therefore taken up residence in a Elizabeth Taylor-esque pink silk kaftan of sorts that gets slung, wrapped and knotted in very sophisticated ways ...

Now, one may wonder why we don't just replace her. Well, that'd be like ripping the heart out of my big girl and thus myself.