14 January 2007

Duck Mender Extraordinaire

This is the finished result of my Christmas Holiday Project, I had meant to sew by machine but never got around to getting out said machine. So I hand-stitched it and it appears to be quite a solid job. Out of my late Grandmother's towel - they had a magenta / pink theme going in their bathroom - and incidently, this is my Nan that my daughter was named for.

Soon the beak and head will need a hood too ... Death by Cuddling!

Meanwhile my quilt is progressing nicely and the beads for it have arrived as well.


Christine said...

the repairs worked so well

unfortunately, I can't offer a solutin for the au pair, but do hope things resolve without too much stress

Christine said...

love the new ducky outfit, things like this make being a mom sorthwhile......

as for the au pair situation, I do hope it resolves soon