16 January 2007

How I long ...

to just go home, pick up my quilt and start stitching!

Last night, our current aupair told us that - despite us taking her in in the friendliest and warmest way - she was going to screw us over (excuse the language, I just am so upset) and go home to be at the beg and call of her family, leaving me in a complete lurch and threatening a solid ten months' work of mine. I'm talking 45 - 50 hour weeks on top of household chores, endless entertaining and child care.

Now that I finally had my life, health and business in relative order ... I have to start all over again.

I mean, I realise that there are situations in a family where one just needs to be home, but I said from the get-go of this hell that we would find a way to work this out. Instead of talking to me and coming up with a plan, she booked a flight.

I just wanted to moan so thank you for listening.


anne bebbington said...

Oh Dorothee I do hope you are able to find a solution to your problem quickly and easily - there's nothing worse than someone throwing a spanner in the works when you're valiantly trying to keep so many balls up in the air - I'm sure the answer will come along from the most unexpected direction

Helen said...

What a bummer!