31 January 2007

Happily quilting along

on my Turning Twenty and as I quilt I ponder the embellishing that I want to do. This is good fun because it keeps my imagination busy and relaxing because it's just straight lines to hand-quilt - not that difficult.

Very soon though, I need to either be done or put this project to one side to start the first baby quilt of this Year of the Baby. I'm guessing it will either be 100 * 100 cm or 120 * 120 cm, definitely square with the measurements depending on the amount of fabric I bought for this project.

This baby quilt will also be the project I intend to take on Easter hols with me when we go to Teneriffe with the entire clan. This will not be an entirely stress-free experience and quilting may prove to be a verrrry good distraction from my Mother-in-Law.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Gee. . . you don't have to do just straight lines in your quilting. . . it might actually enhance the quilt if you threw some curves in.

Just my 2 cents.

I really love the way the quilt has come out.