28 February 2008

Prairie Points

Oh boy ... what a project: I decided on Prairie Points as a border for the dragon quilt because they seemed sufficiently dragon-ey. So I set out to prep my fabric, cutting squares from the left-over fabric used on the actual creature.

Now math is a difficult thing ... because I didn't get the numbers right. And now have a serious wad of squares left over. Maybe I'll make a matching cushion cover with a solid centre and more PPs ...

Then I discovered that there is another very good use for my handsome easel that my husband gave me for Christmas:

But since when does a rectangle have six sides?

I will spend a few hours on the floor again, attempting to assemble the back to fit the front. Then I will hopefully dare to assemble the front for fusing and machining. That is a vrrrry daunting prospect. But at least with all those different colours already on spools, changing colours in my sewing machine will not be quite as bad.

I wonder what I am going to do once this is complete?

Chevron scarf II

I just cast off my second Chevron scarf, which is a replacement for the first one that had been intended for Paula but was way too long. I didn't want to have any left-over yarn so I knitted and knitted until the skein was finished. Now I get to wear it and inform people that knitting is the new punk.

But because I didn't like that the ends on that first scarf weren't similar, one end a lot more pointy, the other one wavy, I decided to change the pattern somewhat. Bascially I "halved" the 4-8-8-8-8-8-4 pattern in order to fade out the waves and then went straight up. Next time, I think I'll leaving the fading out for later. Also I'll use bigger needles with a similar yarn.

Nevertheless, Paula is pleased and I just need to block.

Now I should really check into ravelry.com to see how I can upload this.

19 February 2008

Gracious Recipient

Having been so relieved almost to the point of misguided aggressiveness, I can report that my mother in law called last night, wanting to thank me again for the lovely quilt. She uses it every day as a blanket when she rests on her sofa after lunch. It's so light yet so snugly and warm, she says.

I must have really impressed and surprised her. And it pleases me that I can make her happy with a home-made gift. It makes me feel good about my craft and makes me want to move ahead with projects. Which I will on WED, I swear.

And while I don't post much at the moment, I am today wearing my first Chevron scarf and working on my second, with my dad wanting one for himself as well. He will have to take a number and get in line because both girls want one too ... and they always come first!

It looks sooo easy

I'm sure lining up all those corners and getting the quilting just so is a major nightmare. One day though I will attempt one of those in pinks and pastels. Much like the one Melissss did

6 February 2008

So done!

Since late October I have been busying myself with presents for other people, sometimes enjoying myself more, sometimes less so. Now that both Christmas and Grandma Birthday Season are over, I am glad to not be under that much pressure to produce.

My latest output:

Top is 100% cotton by Bassetti, backing is fleece, machine assembled, hand quilted. My MIL was quite thrown by this present though I doubt she knows how many hours went into it (despite her son reiterating something about "months and months ...").

It's done and I am relieved and can now move on to other things. Secretly, I am amazed at the relief I feel from having completed this one. Usually, I dread finishing quilts because they have grown to be such a constant part of my evenings and a great challenge as well. It must have something to do with the simplicity of the job (not so much of the result), the recipient and the time pressure. Commission work must feel akin to this.

But with all those projects out of my way, I'm hoping to be more positive about my crafting and more regular at quilting.

2 February 2008

Hard at work - seven days from delivery deadline

Carola took this with my mobile phone, hence the bad quality: This is me with Paula in my parents' lounge, six days before departure and seven days before delivery of the MIL-Quilt.