19 February 2008

Gracious Recipient

Having been so relieved almost to the point of misguided aggressiveness, I can report that my mother in law called last night, wanting to thank me again for the lovely quilt. She uses it every day as a blanket when she rests on her sofa after lunch. It's so light yet so snugly and warm, she says.

I must have really impressed and surprised her. And it pleases me that I can make her happy with a home-made gift. It makes me feel good about my craft and makes me want to move ahead with projects. Which I will on WED, I swear.

And while I don't post much at the moment, I am today wearing my first Chevron scarf and working on my second, with my dad wanting one for himself as well. He will have to take a number and get in line because both girls want one too ... and they always come first!

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