28 February 2008

Chevron scarf II

I just cast off my second Chevron scarf, which is a replacement for the first one that had been intended for Paula but was way too long. I didn't want to have any left-over yarn so I knitted and knitted until the skein was finished. Now I get to wear it and inform people that knitting is the new punk.

But because I didn't like that the ends on that first scarf weren't similar, one end a lot more pointy, the other one wavy, I decided to change the pattern somewhat. Bascially I "halved" the 4-8-8-8-8-8-4 pattern in order to fade out the waves and then went straight up. Next time, I think I'll leaving the fading out for later. Also I'll use bigger needles with a similar yarn.

Nevertheless, Paula is pleased and I just need to block.

Now I should really check into ravelry.com to see how I can upload this.

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