24 August 2010

The finished thing

Crocheting Madness has changed form and is now finished. Don't ask me what exactly I am going to do with it but I'm sure I'll find a freezing soul to cover with it ...

19 August 2010

On the hoop

problem solved ... now I just need to find the motivation to hand-quilt!

15 August 2010

On the needle again ...

While I loved making the ripply shawl, I really didn't like the result. This is much better!

9 August 2010

Any tips for quilting a monster?

This quilt is roughly 85 * 85 inches big (220 * 220 cm) which is part of the reason why I am quilting it by hand. The other is that I enjoy hand quilting though I haven't really done it in ages.

Because this one is so big and unwhieldy, I am wondering whether anyone has any good tips for me?

6 August 2010

Working close to the ground

I spent a lot of my free time this week working very close to the ground in a successful attempt to finish the top of my Night on the Tiles quilt. And it's done:

Top finished

I will trim the outer white triangles just before binding so tonight, I will piece the backing and tomorrow I will start sandwiching. Good thing hubby doesn't come home for another week;)

1 August 2010


Somehow, I never really liked the Ripply Shawl and I needed some of the yarn for a different project so I spend an evening and a half frogging it.