22 November 2006

Did I say: two out of three?

Wrong, it's three out of three!!! Due in April, June and July.

As for all the ideas, thank you so much! I'm not much of a themed fabric person but the suggestion with four patch and uni gave me an idea that I ran with for a while. Then I had my own idea (squares, see below) that was quickly substituted by Carol ... I will make a big star, just one and line the whole thing with a fleece blanket.

This will also be the backing of choice for the baby quilt for our April baby. I've had safari themed fabric (did I actually say: I'm not much of a themed fabric gal?), namely two returns of desert animals, a sandy desert print and a grassy pampas print. I'll do a design and post it as soon as I get my Christmas act together!

17 November 2006

Got it!

Inspiration hit! I will make a very classic quilt using a set of bed sheets I bought for the purpose of making something for baby's mum. One side of the set is striped, the other one has big flowers and I will just make a quilt of squares with a nice border in a solid colour. Machine pieced, hand quilted.

16 November 2006


Not only am I way behind on my personal projects, all of a sudden, two out of three of my closest girl friends are pregnant at 35 and 38 respectively. They are first-time mums and obviously that calls for baby quilts!

I have had the material for one baby's quilt for years now, always waiting for mum to get knocked up ('scuse me!). So that's sorted. Mercifully, it's the first to arrive.

But with baby two, I'm stumped. She's a trained chef, though no longer working in that field, he's a hockey coach. I cannot make anything too complicated for lack of time! And I have zero idea! Any and all ideas are welcome!

Burning the Candle at both Ends

OK, so who stole the past six weeks? Where have they gone?

We've been away on holiday for about two of them and away for almost a week at my in-laws (how fun!). Plus the endless washing, a lot of work at my prime client's business and getting a new business together plus keeping the current one running ...

... it's no surprise I've not gotten anything done!

I have got more bag planned to hold all the mits, scarves and hats my girls need this winter. Plus one for art supplies for when Paula goes to art class.

And then there's still my Turning Twenty and a basket full of things to mend.