31 October 2009

31 Minutes

from the above to the below

Obsessive me realised that I couldn't let the guests of my daughter's Halloween party run around trick or treating with plastic bags. Since I couldn't find any of those plastic pumpkin contraptions I decided to whip up six bags ... in 31 minutes. And they lasted the entire evening!

29 October 2009

Those will be small triangles

You can tell when I am focussed on cutting and sewing that the quality of photography goes far south ... too busy to bother, really.

Because I am currently spending my evenings sewing together jelly roll strips (on both long sides) and charm pack squares (on all sides) to cut into triangles.

Then I will have to do some maths and finally decide on a lay-out ... all the while avoiding work on:

- Theo's Planes
- Scrappy Quilt in a Day
- Charity Quilt

who are all clamouring for attention to their binding.

22 October 2009

Total Overload

My sewing room is slightly chaotic at the moment as I am transitioning from one project to another.

I should be working on Christmas things ...

But then there is my friend's 40th and I want to do a Values Quilt.

20 October 2009

Quilt-a-long: Value Quilt


Original work by Jarobichaux

Because I don't have much to show right now ... I'm in that dreadful phase with no terribly looming deadlines and between projects ... I am wasting my time surfing the web and came across this wonderful quilt-a-long on Metrosupial Designs aka Katie's Willy Nilly blog that also has a full tutorial as well. Posted is a photo from the Flickr Group.

Eventually, I might do this too ... (yeah, right!)

13 October 2009

12 October 2009

Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival: My entry

I have contemplated which of my quilts to enter this time around and had a hard time deciding. At the end, I settled on my sampler(s):

I chose these samplers because they were my first project. Initially, they were meant to be one quilt but after years of neglect, halving them made more sense.

I begun working on them in September of 2002. They are paper-pieced and machine-quilted. I love the colours, fresh, clean and vibrant. Both girls have their version on their beds to cuddle with.

They also mark the beginning of my quilting journey, a passion that has saved my sanity since becoming a (working) mum and has allowed me to connect with people while I am working on a project for them.

10 October 2009

Fiddly Job: Applique

I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to have that many small pieces and none with a straight edge. But chemistry to the rescue: I ironed them all on and then hand quilted them.

4-1 IBOL Drop (30 SEP 09)

IBOL goodness going out to women and children in Northern Iraq courtesy of IBOL Guy Art La Flamme.

4 October 2009

Back from Retreat

(Click on photo to see more)

... and it was wonderful. In fact, we had such a good time that in 2010 we will extend it by one day.

There was lots of sewing, laughing, slurping, chatting and debating to be done. The sun shone and the backdrop was fabulous, the food was good and the nights short.

Lining up the squares will not be fun!

2 October 2009

Making up for past mistakes

Due to VERY bad planning I had to spend a day and a half ironing out mistakes ... always under the threat of running out of the green fabric.