24 August 2009

All essentials in place

and I am ready to sew again.
  • First up: two bindings,

  • my Night on the Tiles,

  • a pillow case

  • a baby quilt ...

  • And an IBOL and a yarbol are on their way to Holland.

    19 August 2009

    Do your bit: support Iraqi Bundles of Love

    Find out where to send your bundle by clicking on the image above or by going here:

    Building a Bundle
    What to send

    Recycled Quilting - other people's progress

    while I am dragging my feet, Anita is making excellent progress:

    For six weeks I have been struggling with getting my quilting vibe back and this was meant to be the project to do it for me ... but with my sewing room not yet up and running and us on the trot every weekend, I find it really hard to motivate myself beyond folding laundry.

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel: I'll be off work for two weeks and I intend to sort out my sewing room and get on with my projects: ... I desperately want to finish my Night on the Tiles top for this year's retreat!

    5 August 2009

    Support the Iraqi Bundles of Love

    Kristin and her husband are sending Bundles of Love to Iraq. Find out more here:
    Iraqi Bundles of Love

    I am planning to participate as well.