31 December 2009

UFO Challenge: Progress Pile

I have made good progress on my WIPs, though not as much as I had hoped due to an extra work load over Christmas (total of ten visitors spread out over seven days).

The tops for both Caroline's Objects and the Night on the Tiles (NotT)are finished. The back for NotT is almost completely pieced, I ran out of the Mrs March's Collection script / scroll fabric I used and cannot seem to find it anywhere right now.

And I realised that my cheapskate approach to scrappy backing for Caroline's Objects was completely and utterly misguided. It took forever, didn't really match the front and made me feel quite resentful about the whole exercise.

Therefore it has been decided to just do a plain back on this one and use whatever I already assembled as the beginnings of a quilt top for Ms C, my elder daughter. She loves shoes and orange, so we're all set there.

Trying to finish as many projects as possible obviously also meant that I worked on several at the same time. This is something I had previously avoided, fearing that it would result in loads of UFOs and not a lot of finished quilts. But I'm finding that I am enjoying going back and forth between pieces and that it helps me stay motivated to finish things.

So this is the run-down:
  • Scrappy Quilt in a Day

  • IWC Charity Quilt

  • Theo's Planes

  • Top finished:
  • A Night on the Tiles in Manchester

  • Caroline's Objects

  • Scrapped:
  • Calendar Quilt Challenge

  • Relegated to 2010:
  • Disappearing Nine-Patch because it's currently just a pile of fabric

  • Bassetti for Reingard, not due until Aril 2011
  • 29 December 2009

    Slow going these days

    But at least the top is finished. I am now struggling to finish the backing because there is so little fabric left over and yardage of this range is hard to come by.

    20 December 2009

    We will be binding and backing

    There is worryingly little fabric left and I think this will be a scrappy backing!

    19 December 2009

    Done! Christmas gift for my mum

    I grew up with a mum who said that handmade gifts were always the nicest gifts and that she didn't want any gifts at all.

    So here she goes: four semi-hand made guest towels to add an accent to my parents' silver-grey powder room. I hope they will get there on time!

    14 December 2009

    Wild Thyme Give-Away at Twiddletails

    Go here to participate!

    The elves were busy

    38 pressies wrapped (17 going to kids at our local battered women's shelter), 10 parcels packed, 28 cards written = getting Christmas onto the road!

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    11 December 2009

    Spot the error!

    While I was on the phone with hubby last night, I noticed an error I made in the assembly. My first impulse was to scream but I was too shocked and only stared. Which is a good thing because I noticed what actually went wrong. Rows 1 and 2 from the top are meant to be rows 3 and 4 and vice versa. Easily fixed, day saved!

    9 December 2009

    7 December 2009

    Very excited to resume the Objects

    Now that the Emergency Quilt is finished and ready to be shipped off, I can focus all my quilting energy on Caroline's Objects. Currently, I have no idea of what the backing will be like ... and I'm already worrying about stippling the whole thing.

    Now if I didn't have to write 30+ Christmas cards and wrap a gazillion of pressies ...

    6 December 2009

    Ready to be shipped!

    This may well be the last post boring you with this little quilt. Evidently, I am very much in love with it and hoping that the recipient will be too. If she is too little to appreciate crafts (fair assumption that at four weeks, she might be), I'm hoping her mum will love it for her.

    If you want me to tell you how I made this quilt, let me know. It was super-easy, fast and fun!

    5 December 2009

    Straight from the washer-dryer



    The experiment worked quite well: the quilt came out of the washer-dryer and looks nicely wrinkled and cuddly. Now I just need to clean up a few loose strands and it's ready to be shipped to its recipient. She is - thankfully - doing a lot better these days!

    Happy Second Avent!

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