8 January 2008

Very busy and bad at posting

Since my husband took a flat closer to work and is absent from home four nights of the week (out of pure necessity and to safe him the stress of 2.5 hours of commuting per day after a ten to twelve hour job), I have been tremendously busy. I also have been really bad at posting ...

The first 4 evenings, I worked on the 2007 photo album for my mother in law. The ordered photos had not arrived in time for Christmas, it took them 17 days to find their way from the lab to my doorstep. All I need to do is add some writing ...

The other 3 evenings, I worked on a lab quilt of sorts for her. It's her 75th birthday next month and she isn't a very gracious recipient of gifts. Furthermore, it is incredibly hard to find something for the Woman Who Has Everything and Will Afford Everything on a Whim. So I went into my stash, whipped out a Bassetti Gran Foulard panel that I bought in an ebay frenzy in May 2005 (and as People.com would say: not pictured), cut some fleece to size, added my label. I will now quilt the central bit of the panel to add more interest.

The colours in this shot are off ... but at least I have something to show (off with) for a week's worth of work:

And I might add that the tip with taping down the top as well as excessive use of pins have thus far kept wrinkling down to a minimum!

3 January 2008

My favorite section

in my newly arranged bookshelf holding photos of my brother and my godson, my quilting and craft books as well as books published about or by my family.