31 May 2010

Another Finish

Last night but still before Midnight:

I will post better pictures of both my recent finishes as soon as the sun comes out (at this rate, that'll be never! The weather has been dreadful here.)

30 May 2010

One down, one to go!

This one's ready to go to the wash and then it will be finished tomorrow night!

The Race is on!

Will she or won't she finish another two quilts before the end of May 31, 2010?

Earmarked for completion are:
  • In the Pink
  • Caroline's Objects

  • Both only need loose ends tying up.

    28 May 2010

    Vague Heart - good progress

    I've been working simultaneously on a number of projects, trying to wrap up as much as I can before I embark on anything new and major.

    With a deadline of next Friday, I am pleased to say that I am making good progress with the Vague Heart. I've redone the strips, they originally all had the same width and made two narrower so that they appear less uniform. Then I made a die to cut out the heart and sewed that to an old blanket. The whole think got tossed into the wash and then tumble-dried so that the edges would fray.

    This worked quite well and I am now fretting over appliquéing this to the canvas frame.

    Then there was the designing of a kitsch-ey but meaning-ful phrase: "Love is eternal" - works well for the wedding and has a R and an A in it, representing the two grooms.

    26 May 2010

    Bloggers' Quilt Festival

    Ooops, I almost missed this! When cleaning up my RSS, apparently I was too thorough. But here you go: Elisa's Emergency Quilt

    Last year, I received a very disconcerting call that my friend's pregnancy was threatening to go awfully wrong. She's the mother of my older daughter's bestest friend in the whole wide world and I really like her too.

    Because quilting is cathartic for me - a substitute for therapy really - and I had seen AmandaJean's Ragged Squares tutorial, I thought this would be a good project to complete in not-a-lot-of-hours.

    The quilt was very well received and has even found its way into my dreams, inspiring a new version of it:

    In the Pink - it's almost finished too.

    15 May 2010

    Finished: Computer Music Quilt

    My first finish of the year - mind you, I have about six projects on the go right now and of those three are about 10% away from completion.

    This particular one was a thank you gift to my cousin and his wife on the occasion of their fiftieth birthday and silver wedding anniversary. She's a professor of music and he's a card carrying computer geek.

    I'm pleased with the outcome, especially considering the time frame available to me, about two weeks for the actual making.

    Spoonflower printed the fabric on the back and their first shipment when AWOL, the second got stuck in customs for days. Oh my ... but all's well that ends well! And I finished my oeuvre the day of the party.

    10 May 2010

    Detail of musical notes

    I'm making excellent progress on this project which is a good thing, given that it needs to be finished on Saturday - four days to go until we leave!

    Just a few more lines of quilting before I bind it and tie up the loose ends!

    Google Reader, Blog Following and other random thoughts

    I currently have 60 subscriptions in my google reader, all of them quilting related. This was to replace the list of blogs and sites I had on my blog and I used to love following all the different quilters.

    But now I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the ideas, photos and inspiration. Also, not every blog feeds properly so that in my Google reader app in iGoogle, I only see a bit of text and the occasional advert.

    This is all leading me to wonder: how many blogs / quilters do you really follow?

    I think I will toss out the majority and only keep those that I have been following for a really long time and those I feel are really inspirational to me. That may well mean my culling 75% of my list ...

    Edited to add: I'm down to 17 now ... once I get my flickr photos from your contacts app up and running again, I will be able to see all them lurvely pics without having to wade through all those posts. (insert sigh of relief!)

    5 May 2010

    Making music

    Again, how well do I follow directions? Not at all! The tutorial called for used, preferrably washed dryer sheets ... mine come straight from the box. Fortunately, they do not melt while being ironed. I checked!

    So I'm guessing I will remove them from the spots before machining them onto the musical sheet ...

    Click on image for more!