28 May 2010

Vague Heart - good progress

I've been working simultaneously on a number of projects, trying to wrap up as much as I can before I embark on anything new and major.

With a deadline of next Friday, I am pleased to say that I am making good progress with the Vague Heart. I've redone the strips, they originally all had the same width and made two narrower so that they appear less uniform. Then I made a die to cut out the heart and sewed that to an old blanket. The whole think got tossed into the wash and then tumble-dried so that the edges would fray.

This worked quite well and I am now fretting over appliquéing this to the canvas frame.

Then there was the designing of a kitsch-ey but meaning-ful phrase: "Love is eternal" - works well for the wedding and has a R and an A in it, representing the two grooms.

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