26 May 2010

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Ooops, I almost missed this! When cleaning up my RSS, apparently I was too thorough. But here you go: Elisa's Emergency Quilt

Last year, I received a very disconcerting call that my friend's pregnancy was threatening to go awfully wrong. She's the mother of my older daughter's bestest friend in the whole wide world and I really like her too.

Because quilting is cathartic for me - a substitute for therapy really - and I had seen AmandaJean's Ragged Squares tutorial, I thought this would be a good project to complete in not-a-lot-of-hours.

The quilt was very well received and has even found its way into my dreams, inspiring a new version of it:

In the Pink - it's almost finished too.


linda said...


Carol said...

Love the new version. Both would look great on a double sided quilt :)

Chris said...

I love the pinks. Cute quilt :)

Leslie said...

this is so creative and fun. i love it

the momma said...

Amanda's ragged square quilt is the quilt that got me quilting ~ so it has a special spot in my heart :-)
I love your new design, too!

Eileen said...

lovely quilts--thanks for sharing and hope all is well with your friend