25 February 2010

This and that and the other

After all my complaining regarding stippling Caroline's Objects and receiving a very good tip (thanks, Shevvy!), I was ready to send the needle flying across this quilt and finally get it done. Instead I'm stuck on the sofa with a tummy bug and too weak (boo hoo) to sew. To keep me busy, I've picked up yet another project: a Granny Squary blanket to make a dent into all that yarn I purchased over the years:

The white was purchased when I was first pregnant eight years ago (eight? Oh my God!), I think I saw the multicoloured at a craft shop maybe 18 months ago and the source of the purple one remains unclear. I've noew used up almost half the multicoloured yarn, a sixth of the purple and about an eighth of the white. ... Should be interesting ...

22 February 2010

Have I mentioned ...

... that I hate stippling? I'm still struggling with what is just a lapsize quilt. I'm not sure it's my lack of patience or a technical problem or what but the thread keeps ripping and the tension keeps go off on me. What a spectacular waste of time. But must be completed! Regardless!!!

The worst thing is that when it's going well I am really enjoying it.

20 February 2010

Aaaargh, not for the faint-hearted or not-so-determined!

This stippling business is proving to be a Nightmare! It took me ages to sort out the tension and I'm guessing that different thickness of thread is not helping nor is my lack of patience. But I will keep at it and next time will use similar thread on both sides.

Spoonflower delivers!

The orange is somewhat off but that may have to do with uncalibrated TFTs. I think I will have to tweak the b/w photo somewhat because it seems pretty dingey and dark but then we're "all systems go"!

10 February 2010

Home found for Pink Zig

I have just spoken to my cousin and - unbeknown to him - the Pink Zig has found its "target", a sweet baby girl to be born this summer. Yay.

6 February 2010

My first New York Beauty block

I spent Saturday at Birgit Klein's Patchcom learning how to sew over paper and do New Beauties. It was a most excellent class, in fact it drew students from as far as Mannheim and Heidelberg, including members of the Hearts and Castles Quilt Guild.

5 February 2010

Tula Pink's Neptune

What the hell am I doing, I sometimes wonder ... because I didn't have enough of the script fabric to finish the backing of my Night on the Tiles, I started Caroline's Objects. When I wanted to stipple it, I realised that I wasn't getting the tension right so went off to look for the machine's manual. Couldn't find it so set off to look for it online. Since they were charging 8 quid plus postage, I decided to go back and look again. I did find it in the end, however I thought that starting another project would be more fun.

So here it is, the beginning of my first half square triangle quilt. When did I decide that sewing with triangles is fun? Weird!

And tomorrow, I will attend a quilt class and start yet another project: New York Beauties. I am very excited about that!

Assembly halted by lack of swirly fabric

My first experiment in Spoonflower

I spent my Friday evening fiddling on Spoonflower and am now excited to receive two fat quarters of circuit board prints.

4 February 2010

Help needed: looking for computer themed fabric

I am planning a quilt for my cousin and his wife. She's a concert pianist and music professor, he's a computer geek and programmer for tax advisors.

My idea is a double-sided piece, one representing her, one representing him. Because I'm always strapped for time, it'll be a very simple design and what I need is "computer" themed fabric: something along the lines of 0-1-0 or keyboards or motherboards etc.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Ideas? Links to shops?

2 February 2010

Block Party: Modern Stripey Circle Block

I wanna play ... but I'm sure I will soon implode with the number of UFOs beginning to float around my sewing room:

Stripey Circles Tutorial.