22 February 2010

Have I mentioned ...

... that I hate stippling? I'm still struggling with what is just a lapsize quilt. I'm not sure it's my lack of patience or a technical problem or what but the thread keeps ripping and the tension keeps go off on me. What a spectacular waste of time. But must be completed! Regardless!!!

The worst thing is that when it's going well I am really enjoying it.

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Shevvy said...

Hi, I had major problems at first with my freemotion as well. I've read lots of things online and a lot of the problems are to do with getting the correct setting for your own machine.
For me, I have had most problems with forgetting to set my stitch length to 0 and quite often when I've raised the foot I forget to put it down.
Different threads can me a pain as well, especially with the bobbin. I try and keep that to the standard cotton I use for piecing now.
Good luck, it will come together in the end.