4 February 2010

Help needed: looking for computer themed fabric

I am planning a quilt for my cousin and his wife. She's a concert pianist and music professor, he's a computer geek and programmer for tax advisors.

My idea is a double-sided piece, one representing her, one representing him. Because I'm always strapped for time, it'll be a very simple design and what I need is "computer" themed fabric: something along the lines of 0-1-0 or keyboards or motherboards etc.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Ideas? Links to shops?

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SandyQuilts said...

You could always make your own at

This one fabric quilt at
The cards and letters were found in storage. You make up your design in digital format and send to Spoonflower. They inturn print your fabric and send it back to you. Photos will never do the quilt justice ... it was beyond fabulous.

Good luck