29 January 2010

Top all ironed and ready for basting

I am quite excited and a wee bit apprehensive about stippling this quilt. Or shall I just do straight lines along the diamond shaped design?

I have until tomorrow to decide!

28 January 2010

25 January 2010

157 inches of left- over binding

... drat, I only needed 151"! That means I made 308" - so much for accurate measurements or even eyeballing things!

19 January 2010

We will be a Zig Zag quilt

Would it be a bad thing to start yet another top while three already float around unfinished? I'm really itching to try a quick whip-up of zig zags ....

17 January 2010

Final Lay-Out

Though I dreaded the cutting of the fabric, something I really don't enjoy much (may have to do with the fact that I am usually too cheap to have good rotary cutter blades), I cracked on with it last night and am quite pleased with the result.

I pinned all the sections to a sandwich of very light pink cotton stemming from an ancient bed sheet, left-over wadding I had pieced over the holidays and the vichy fabric that I decided against as the background. It's now the backing. All is held together by these fold-away file clips and hung on my "design wall".

Now off to quilt ...

15 January 2010

In the Pink - again

I never thought a fat quarter bundle would last me this long. But here you go ... after I finished Elisa's quilt I had a dream (yes, I know!) about a similar one but with different sized blocks.

And this is the lay-out for it. It will require quite a lot of cutting to size and I'm not quite convinced yet that the background fabric is the best joice. But I'm enjoying this one and that's the key!

12 January 2010

Alissa's Scraps have arrived!

To say that I was VERY excited to have won this give-away at Handmade by Alissa would be something of an understatement! I usually never win anything and to think that I had won something covetable was great.

Because they travelled half-way around the world to be with me, it took the lovley blues and greens a while to get here. And I must say I am really pleased. This is mainly because I would never have dared choose these fabrics and they are pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thanks, Alissa!

Some of them will become a baby quilt this year.