31 January 2007

Happily quilting along

on my Turning Twenty and as I quilt I ponder the embellishing that I want to do. This is good fun because it keeps my imagination busy and relaxing because it's just straight lines to hand-quilt - not that difficult.

Very soon though, I need to either be done or put this project to one side to start the first baby quilt of this Year of the Baby. I'm guessing it will either be 100 * 100 cm or 120 * 120 cm, definitely square with the measurements depending on the amount of fabric I bought for this project.

This baby quilt will also be the project I intend to take on Easter hols with me when we go to Teneriffe with the entire clan. This will not be an entirely stress-free experience and quilting may prove to be a verrrry good distraction from my Mother-in-Law.

16 January 2007

Shall I stay or should I go ...?

I'm tempted to switch over to new Blogger ... hm. I already have a google account so that's not the issue ... I'm just tempted by the labels and such stuff.

Any thoughts?

How I long ...

to just go home, pick up my quilt and start stitching!

Last night, our current aupair told us that - despite us taking her in in the friendliest and warmest way - she was going to screw us over (excuse the language, I just am so upset) and go home to be at the beg and call of her family, leaving me in a complete lurch and threatening a solid ten months' work of mine. I'm talking 45 - 50 hour weeks on top of household chores, endless entertaining and child care.

Now that I finally had my life, health and business in relative order ... I have to start all over again.

I mean, I realise that there are situations in a family where one just needs to be home, but I said from the get-go of this hell that we would find a way to work this out. Instead of talking to me and coming up with a plan, she booked a flight.

I just wanted to moan so thank you for listening.

14 January 2007

Duck Mender Extraordinaire

This is the finished result of my Christmas Holiday Project, I had meant to sew by machine but never got around to getting out said machine. So I hand-stitched it and it appears to be quite a solid job. Out of my late Grandmother's towel - they had a magenta / pink theme going in their bathroom - and incidently, this is my Nan that my daughter was named for.

Soon the beak and head will need a hood too ... Death by Cuddling!

Meanwhile my quilt is progressing nicely and the beads for it have arrived as well.

9 January 2007

Back to quilting ...

With the new year picking up in speed, I've started quilting again to save my sanity. In the past few (rocky) years, especially hand quilting has helped me save my sanity because of its evident progress and result at the end of each session. I am a very results-oriented person and while I can lose myself in small details and intricacies, I want to see RESULTS!

So I'm quite happily quilting away on my Turning Twenty. I've decided to not obsess about the fact that a lot of corners don't line up. What's bothering me at the moment is that the hand quilting does not really show up on the back all that much. I'm therefore considering embellishing it with beads. We shall see ...

One thing is clear though: as much as I attempt to "plan" my quilts for a better result, they always evolve into something I didn't envision at the planning stage. So far, I'm pleased with the outcome.

(and will post more up-to-date photos soon!)

8 January 2007

Why not donate instead?

Now that the Kim Family Auction is over, and made $15000+, why not donate to help with the eBay and PayPal cost? I just did! Especially now that I got an honorable mention from Gerrie ...

Missed it by $10 ...

Both of the quilts I was bidding on went for $10 more than I had bid. Oh well ... that's my contribution to Penelope's and Sabine's college fund then ;-)

5 January 2007

And I outbid my outbidder ...

Wow, that was fast!

I've already been outbid on Gerrie's Quilt!

Very Excited Bidder here ...

because I am bidding on two items at the Kim Family Auction:

Gerrie's Aspen Quilt and Kristin's California Quilt.

I am now telling myself that if I don't get them, because you outbid me, because I lured you to those items, it will be for a good cause. And I am quite sure that I will be outbid!

2 January 2007

Kim Family Auction

See here for details!

I'm already drooling over these:
Kristin La Flamme's California
Jess Hutchison's Robot
Fiona Dalton's Monkey
Lisa Congdon's pillow
Gerrie Condgon's Aspen Quilt

and now I think you are beginning to see my "problem" ....