27 April 2011

Bee Modern close up - superb use of scraps

.... can you tell I am avoiding having to do last quarter's book-keeping ...?

I just bought issue no 5 ...

of Fat Quarterly, which is all about pre-cuts! Looking forward to cleaning up my sewing room and getting to work!

Sewing Room overhaul

Because I have a bit of a tendency to put cleaning and straightening off until later, a lot of things just get dumbed on available surfaces. This week, it was the girls' spring and summer clothes that I keep in this room's wardrobe. Once I cleared that away, I move onto the tall shelf in order to sort through the books, make more room and have better access to what is in there.

Obviously, when they say "things have to get worse before they get better", they were right. So off I go to another afternoon or re-jigging. But I do have big plans once I am done. One of them's already on my design wall, the other one involves Fandango charms ...

26 April 2011

On the Design Wall: a quick baby blanket

This is the fabric I picked up at last year's retreat. I have no idea who this will be for but will have fun assembling, quilting and finishing it!

13 April 2011

11 April 2011

Inbetween Projects ...

... is usually a difficult time for me. This time, I am lucky because I have a UFO on a deadline - Bassetti for Reingard due this month - as well as three half-finished objects: A Night on the Tiles in Manchester, HST Neptune and Disappearing Nine-Patch plus another zig zag quilt that never even got mentioned before.

"The other One"

That leaves me with enough to keep my hands busy while I engage in sweet pondering of "what to do next". On the list of possibles are:
- Poseidon design for my Fandango charms
- Sweet Daisy pattern for my Dandelion Girl
- Very unlikely: Moda Bakeshop's Easy as Cake for twin sized quilts for my girls' beds at my parents house.

- and then a Bauhaus project for my friends who recently asked when they would be getting their quilt!? They are moving into a Bauhaus-inspired new home but I am still unsure of the colour scheme.

There's also a quilt in the planning stages for Elisa's sister, Elisa of the Emergency Quilt (She's quite the ham now!)

9 April 2011

Done: Dad's Biggest Zig

Finished and right on time: it was my Dad's birthday on Saturday and I managed to finish the quilt on that day ... it was so sweet to see that he really loved receiving this gift.

Front Perspective Binding detail
Backing detail Back Its final destination: my dad's favourite chair

And I am ever so pleased with it too. The pattern works well, the quilting looks great and is quite even. I love the back with the scrappy element. It has to be said, however, that I still suck at planning a project, see my fretting over a potential border ...

6 April 2011

Almost finished: Dad's Biggest Zig

I've been having such a good time with the finishing of the project, adding a few rows, sandwiching and quilting it ...:

Auditioning the Bottom Row - not liking it! Auditioning the Bottom Row - better, but not convinced Back too small
Lots and lots of masking tape "Butter" "Jelly"
Pinning, pinning and more pinning The Sandwich Detail of Quilting II
Detail of Quilting III We were a blouse once Talk about a career change

Top: Hate it - OK, that's better - onto the backing (too short)
2: Taping it down - "Butter" - "Jelly"
3: Pins, pins, more pins - Sandwich, "jelly down" - Quilting
4: Details - We were a blouse once - Career Change: binding

PS: Notice how there is no border? Yup, it got dropped ...