11 April 2011

Inbetween Projects ...

... is usually a difficult time for me. This time, I am lucky because I have a UFO on a deadline - Bassetti for Reingard due this month - as well as three half-finished objects: A Night on the Tiles in Manchester, HST Neptune and Disappearing Nine-Patch plus another zig zag quilt that never even got mentioned before.

"The other One"

That leaves me with enough to keep my hands busy while I engage in sweet pondering of "what to do next". On the list of possibles are:
- Poseidon design for my Fandango charms
- Sweet Daisy pattern for my Dandelion Girl
- Very unlikely: Moda Bakeshop's Easy as Cake for twin sized quilts for my girls' beds at my parents house.

- and then a Bauhaus project for my friends who recently asked when they would be getting their quilt!? They are moving into a Bauhaus-inspired new home but I am still unsure of the colour scheme.

There's also a quilt in the planning stages for Elisa's sister, Elisa of the Emergency Quilt (She's quite the ham now!)

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